Wednesday, December 22, 2010

[News] Junsu of JYJ thinks of 4Minute as one of the most promising singers

JYJ, whose members are Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu had just an interview with regards to their feelings and opinions upon releasing their recent single "Ayy Girl" as well as with some of their views with regards to doing their own promotions without the other 2 members of DBSK. 

However, the most amazing thing that was brought up during this interview is when each of the members were asked to pick an idol group or a soloist who they think is one of the Most Promising Singers at the moment. Surprisingly, the group's new maknae, Junsu, chose 4Minute as his answer. On the other hand, Jaejoon picked Supernova while Yuchun chose MATE.

It is amazing how 4Minute continues to shine and be recognized by other idols despite of their long absence in Korea. Let us hope for more people to love and recognize our girls' skills and abilities.

Source: Twitlonger @TVXQHOME
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