Wednesday, December 22, 2010

[News] KARA is dominating Japan some more!

Whether it's record sales or mobile sales, Kara achieved an electrifying all-kill in Japan music charts. It was recently revealed that Kara achieved an all-kill on Japan annual charts for #1 rookie. Based on all the sales, Kara was ranked the #1 newcomer and also was in the top 10 amongst all singers for the year.

On Dec 20th, Oricon revealed that Kara's music sales were #1 amongst newcomers this year. "Debuting in August of this year with the hip dance, Kara's 2 singles, Mister and Jumping>, Korean album and first full-length album, plus DVDs - totaling 8 items, sold 493,000 copies total and garnered 13 hundred million Yen." This was 10 times more than other rookies in 2010. They appear to be unrivaled in the newcomer market. Furthermore Kara's first full-length album Girls' Talk is nearing the 200k mark within one month, truly securing their place in the industry.

In addition to record sales, Kara has also been doing well in mobile downloads. Japan's mobile site Recochoku recently selected Kara as this year's top rookies, since they were #1 on charts such as ringtone downloads and music video. Kara was also voted as #5 on this year's MVP artists poll.

On Dec 9th, Japan's iTunes chart revealed that Mister was #14 on its annual chart. It's the highest rank out of the rookies this year.

In addition, Kara did well in USEN's rookie rankings. USEN recently revealed that Mister was ranked #18 for the year. USEN looks at hit song rankings, song requests and broadcasts to measure their overall ranking.

In truth, Kara hardly seems like rookies in the Japanese music industry. Kara is already receiving top-star level treatment in Japan with a very promising future. There are also rumors that broadcasting companies and commercials are all competing to get Kara on their show or advertisement.

Aside from just these numbers, public sentiment also reflects an explosive level of popularity. Japan's biggest mobile phone has selected Kara to be the main characters in a drama that will be aired in January to launch their phone model "au." There are also plans for Kara to be the main characters in a game that is being created by a famous game company. Japan's Karaoke charts have Kara's Mister ranked as the #1 song for the months of Nov and Dec, revealing Kara's popularity potential.

Source: Nate
Translation: tinggg@Karaholic

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