Sunday, December 26, 2010

[Pictures] Predebut Pictures of New School Hae Min(Picture Heavy)

Upcoming boygroup 'New School', which is under BBO Entertainment, revealed their 2nd member, Hae Min a while ago. Hae Min has already gained quite a number of fans online for his 'wealthy' look as an ulzzang.

Hae Min also went to a famous music school in Gwangju and studied alongside with Seungri(Big Bang), Minzy(2NE1) and Hara(KARA). He is set to debut as a rapper in this 4-member group along with Jion(Kim Byung Ho), who is also a well known Ulzzang.

New School has yet to debut, but with the number of fans Hae Min has, New School already has fans. Check out Hae Min's Ulzzang looks here:

I'm definitely anticipating New School's debut, are you? 

Source of Pictures: Daum
Shared by: Fee Ali@Schoolmate

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