Friday, December 24, 2010

aiko finally releases a ‘BEST’ album

February 2011 will mark aiko’s 13th anniversary since her debut, but during her career, the singer has never released a ‘BEST‘ album. However, on February 23rd, aiko’s first ‘BEST’ album will finally be revealed, though no title has yet been announced.

The singer has appeared on “Kohaku Uta Gassen” 8 times already, this year being her 9th, but not once has she ever released a best album since her debut in 1998.

Usually artists will release a best album within a 2-3 year span of their career start, but aiko’s never done that. She’s constantly releasing something new, so this time she decided that it’s time to put all of her works in one album.

Her debut single, “Asita“, in July 1998, and her 3rd single, “Hanabi,” in 1999, both made it onto Oricon’s top 10. Other singles such as “KABUTOMUSHI“, “Boyfriend“, and “Modorenai Asita” were all hits and took the first two slots on the Oricon charts in 2000.

Her ninth album, “BABY“, that was released earlier in March, took the #1 spot as well, and she had her first two day arena tours at Yoyogi National Gymnasium and Osaka-Jo Hall in front of 30,000 fans.

The singer/songwriter has released 156 songs throughout her entire career, and she is re-mastering and re-recording all the selected songs for the ‘Best’ album, but which ones will make it?

source: tokyohive

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