Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mizushima Hiro’s “KAGEROU” reaches a circulation figure of 1 million!

On December 28th, Poplar Publishing announced that Mizushima Hiro’s debut novel, “KAGEROU“, had reached a circulation figure of 1 million! Published under Mizushima’s real name, Saito Tomohiro, it took the book only two weeks to reach that astonishing figure, since the book was officially released on the 15th.

The hype is due in part to Mizushima winning the prestigious “Poplar Publishing Grand Prize for Fiction” award back in October. The combination of his fame and the author’s receivership of the award generated an interest so high that when the book was released, the publishers decided to print 430,000 copies – an astounding figure that’s incredibly rare for a new writer’s debut novel.

Considering the amount sold, how much has Mizushima earned from “KAGEROU”?

Since each book costs ¥1,400 (approximately $17 USD), and it’s already achieved a gross sales mark of ¥1,400,000,000, Mizushima will have earned¥140,000,000 ($1,700,174 USD) with his 10% writer’s royalty fees.

Congratulations, Mizushima!

source: tokyohive

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