Thursday, December 23, 2010

[News] G-Dragon, 'Hyunseung, good to see you, my friend'

The photo of G Dragon and Beast HyunSeung of M!Countdown has attracted attention from the public. The photo was released from Twitter today and it has raised attention. TOP and G-dragon has begun their Duet performance and they met Beast Hyunseung in M!Countdown, the music programme.

The three of them have been special friends since they have been trained together when they were trainees of YG Entertainment. However, Hyunseung was eliminated in the final round of choosing Bigbang members and his debut story has also been published by YGE.

During M!Countdown recording, G Dragon abandoned TOP and took this picture. G Dragon put his arm on the shoulder of HyunSeung and was trying to imitate the mascot of their new album- the Playboy bunny which is really hilarious.

After seeing the photo, fans commented , 'it is good to see their lasting friendship' and so on.

Source: Startoday
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