Thursday, January 13, 2011

2NE1’s “Can’t Nobody” ringtones to be released in Japan

AVEX Entertainment, which officially took 2NE1 under its wing last October, recently posted an announcement on its website revealing that three ringtones of 2NE1’s hit track “Can’t Nobody” (English version) is scheduled to be sold in Japan starting next week.

“2NE1’s “CAN’T NOBODY (English Ver.)” will start distributing on Recochoku [a music distribution site] on January 19th,” AVEX announced, explaining that the three ringtones will be the chaku-uta (audio ringtone, which plays like an MP3), chaku-movie (audio-visual ringtone, which plays the song with a MV) and RBT (ringback tone, which plays after a number has been dialed).

Although no official information has been revealed regarding 2NE1’s official debut overseas, this release is one of 2NE1’s first steps into Japan under AVEX. It hasn’t been announced whether the chaku-movie MV will be the Korean version or a new video entirely, but unconfirmed rumors have it that a music video for the English version of “Can’t Nobody” will be released in the future.

source: tokyohive

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