Monday, January 3, 2011

An AKB48 special New Year’s Day program for fans!

AKB48 participated in a special program titled, “Akemashite AKB! 2011 nen mo Gachi de Ikimasu, Name de Haregi de Zenin Shugou Daishinnenkai Special“, which was broadcasted live via Nihon TV on New Year’s Day.

On the show, AKB48 performed their “Best Hit Medley” in kimonos, and the members divided into teams in order to battle for the privilege of tasting delicious Japanese dishes.

Check out the program in its entirety below!

Part 1

“Best Hit Medley”: “Heavy Rotation” + “Ponytail to Shushu” + “Aitakatta”
-”Slide Quiz”: A member from each team is situated on slides, and teams must answer questions correctly to ensure that their teammate doesn’t get her face covered with powder. If the team guesses wrongly, then the slides shift, and the member on the slide must try not to fall.

Part 2

Continuation of “Slide Quiz”

Part 3

- “Haregi Pair Gesture”: Secret guests who are fans of AKB48 try to guess the gestures that AKB48 is making.

Part 4

- “SHIODOME obstacle race”: Three members from each team try the obstacle race, and the winning team gets to eat sushi which uses the tuna carved by Akimoto Sayaka.

Part 6

- Continuation of “SHIODOME obstacle race”
- “Gachi de Bucchake opinion poll”: They held an image poll to 50 drag queens about “Who seems the best at making money?” from 5 selected members.

Part 7

- “AKB Tsume Houdai”: The battle between “Team Adult” and “Team Young” over how many members can fit into the box at one time in 3 minutes. Water will be come down into the losing team’s box.

source: tokyohive

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