Friday, January 14, 2011

Naka Riisa turns into a cute rock ‘n’ roller for meiji’s Valentine’s Day commercial

Just like Lotte, Japanese confectionery company Meiji Seika, or “meiji” for short, will be releasing a Valentine’s Day commercial, and this year it’s going to feature quirky actress Naka Riisa (21).

In the commercial, Naka is going to disguise herself as a “cool and cute” rock ‘n’ roller and take over the pink corridor of a school. With her song, she is aiming to cheer up all the girls who are struggling with making their own chocolate for Valentine’s Day. A total of 17 girl students are following her call in the spot and dance along with her, including the young “CanCam” model Tsuchiya Hazuki and young “SEVENTEEN” model Hashimoto Ai.

Naka herself is wearing flashy pink clothes in the commercial and sports a cute guitar that looks just as if it was made out of meiji milk chocolate. The song goes “chocolate chocolate chocolate wa meiji~” and is catchy enough to stay in your head until Valentine’s Day.

Last year, Hirosue Ryoko and Kinoshita Yukina starred in meiji’s Valentine’s Day commercial and urged all girls to put their feelings into their handmade chocolate, but this year the story actually promotes the idea of just giving your chocolate to a very good friend, which is also known as “tomochoco” (friend chocolate).

After the filming, Naka caused a lot of laughter with a remark that didn’t befit a 21-year-old girl like her. She said, “I haven’t been surrounded by that many young people for a while. They’ve really pepped up the filming.”

The commercial will start airing on January 15th, and of course, we will update you as soon as it is available.

source: tokyohive

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