Wednesday, January 5, 2011

[News] G.NA's 2011 New Year Wishes ''Please love and support me until the end''

Hello! ~~

Wow!~~~ It's already 2011~^^
Did you attend a fun NEW YEAR party?

Although I'm late, I want to wish you a happy new year!~ I hope that everyone stays healthy and does only better on things from now on!
Ah… and please love Gina more please eke

2010 was a significant year for me.. I debuted and I was able to meet all of you~
You know that I'm thankful to everyone and the CUBE family for being able to give me's different feelings, right?
You guys are the reason I have faith and passion each and every single day. =)

Aha!! This year is the year of the Rabbit… I'm… a rabbit…puhahaha. ^^
Starting (this year) feels nice kekeke doesn't it?!!! eke

Aha..I want to meet you all on stage in 2011 quickly this time…
I..really should do it, right?!!!! kekekekeke
Though you haven't seen me… you haven't forgotten me right? T_T
Because I'm working really hard in preparation… Please love and support me until the end! Ok? ke

Stay healthy.. I'm going to quickly work hard until I can greet everyone with a cooler image!! See you guys soon!

-G.NA Gina

Credits: G.NA's Official Fan Cafe + ianinna @ + oskies @ (trans) 

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