Monday, January 3, 2011

[News] The reason for Sunny's tears on 'Come To Play'

Sunny talked about how her parents were concerned because of her adolescent-like attitude which only came after debut.
On MBC’s ‘Come To Play’ aired on January 3rd, Sunny confessed, “I did not go through adolescence. Indeed, there was no adolescent rebellion”.
Sunny elaborated, “My adolescent-like attitude only came after debut which became quite an issue. One day, my sister gave me a call from US. She said, ‘mom and dad wanted to punish you but they decided not to’. After seeing me working so hard, mom and dad just could not get themselves to reveal it to me although it was upsetting for them”.
Sunny added, “When mom and dad noticed what I have gone through, they felt the pain inside them”. After revealing her touching story, tears came rolling down Sunny’s cheeks.
Translated by: fanwonder

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