Monday, January 3, 2011

[News] SNSD appeared as caddies on a golf course on Japan's drama 'Sazae-san Season 3'

SNSD made a cameo appearance on Japan’s drama ‘Sazae-san Season 3′ which was aired on Fuji TV on January 2nd. The girls appeared as caddies on a golf course.
SNSD appeared in Nami Hara’s dream where the main star struck a hole-in-one and the beautiful caddies (SNSD) ran up to him and cheered, “wonderful”, “sugoi(amazing)” and “nice shot”.
With lively gestures and expressions, the girls introduced themselves, “We are Shoujo Jidai” and revealed their dreams by saying, “We want to be singing and dancing stars”. Upon hearing that, the leading male character in the drama gave them a big cheer.
Although it was only a brief and short appearance on the drama, the name ‘Shoujo Jidai’ left a very deep impression in the minds of Japanese viewers.
‘Sazae-san’ is adapted from one of Japan’s popular ‘national animation’ of the same name. Due to the overwhelming response for Season 1 and 2, ‘Sazae-san season 3′ is currently being aired to fulfill the viewers’ high demand.

Translated by: fanwonder

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